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I don’t usually blog.  I don’t “write”.  I was never good at it.  What I do is rant, complain, cry, when I’m down in the dumps.  I never felt that I excelled in something.  I’ve always saw myself as mediocre even though I wanted to be more.

Is it because I don’t know what I want or am not sure?  Is it because of poor parenting?  I can’t help but blame my parents for what I have become but I thank myself for what I am now.

I have resentment towards my parents.  They killed my passion (especially my father - I don’t blame my mother much because she was a doormat when it came to him).  When I was maybe no older than 8 I was filled with passion, ambition, and belief in myself.  It all went away after my parents denied every request I made to join in extra curricular activties that I may have excelled and would have been a great for my development as a child.  But NO, they said, “it’s useless, waste of time and money”.  I try to understand them because they grew up in a poor environment, but they should have been responsible enough to find ways on how to educated and develop their child into confident people so they may life a healthy and happy life.  I never had emotional support from my father, not even once.  Money does not buy everything.

Since then, I have felt emotinally and pyscologically disabled and pretty much useless.  I was weak.  That weakness brought me where I am now.  NO WHERE.  My dreams and aspirations are slowly dying out, stuck in this money making world.  The world my father only knows.  It is quite sad.

I am aware of my blessings.  I am grateful for them.  But life is not perfect.  We just have to make the best out of what we have, even how damaged and disabled we are.

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Rest in Peace 
Robin Williams (July 21, 1951 - August 11, 2014)

I used to watch this all the time when I was young. :’(

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The Cloud: An Interactive Thunderstorm in Your House

It will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine. And my literal “brainstorming room" will be complete.

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mushrooms — they don’t need psilocybin to be magical. photos by elaine owentaylor f. lockwoodmike pottsgorastos papatsanis and steve axford, (click pic for species, photographer and, when given, location.)  

(see also: mycologist paul stamets discusses how mushrooms will save the world)


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"I learned at a very young age how fragile life is. When I was 15 years old I found out I had a brain tumor. The doctors said I had a very small chance that I could outlive it. The only alternative was to get on a long waiting list for open face surgery in hopes of removing it. I guess the first blessing happened on my 16th birthday, when the surgery was scheduled. I found out shortly after waking from the surgery that they went into the palette of the roof of my mouth instead of opening up my entire face. I guess you could say that was the second blessing. But the real blessing was that I overcame it completely and I survived something that most people never live through. I was close to death and I escaped it, and now I celebrate life because of it. 

I wanted to be free. After this literal escape from death, I had some challenges at home and left at a very young age to spend my teenage years literally on the streets. I started with a hitchhiking tour all through Canada. Essentially I was homeless, sleeping on rooftops and under bridges and free. I met tons of interesting people, and experienced life to the fullest. Surviving the death sentence of a brain tumor was like defying death. I felt like the walking dead. I wasn’t supposed to be here. The doctors had told me there was no hope. But here I was, alive and breathing and being so free to live my life. When you live on the streets, you really appreciate just being alive. On the streets, you don’t have first or last names. So they started to call me Zombie, a person who is living but so close to death.”

&lt;3 Perfect

Ezra Miller 
Photography by Adam Weiss
Feb. 2012

<3 Perfect


Ezra Miller 

Photography by Adam Weiss

Feb. 2012

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My three little kittens.

My three little kittens.

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Looks real… Hot… ugh…


‘Shame’ Movie Clip (NSFW!) [Uploaded for archival purposes]

Mina Mona (Taken with instagram)

Mina Mona (Taken with instagram)

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Herman: &#8220;Mmmm fooood mmm&#8221; (Taken with instagram)

Herman: “Mmmm fooood mmm” (Taken with instagram)

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Herman eating lunch :) (Taken with instagram)

Herman eating lunch :) (Taken with instagram)

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Lomography’s very own 35mm movie camera

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Mochi my cat (Taken with instagram)

Mochi my cat (Taken with instagram)

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Stress (Taken with instagram)

Stress (Taken with instagram)

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Me and Ponyo (photographed by Francis, fixed by instagram) (Taken with instagram)

Me and Ponyo (photographed by Francis, fixed by instagram) (Taken with instagram)

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